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The most important tourist attractions in Curitiba


Guira Theater.
Old town hall.
Largo Fair.
Panoramic tour Marhaba.
UFPR Art Museum.
Federal University of Parana.
Botanical Garden.
Largo da Ordem.
Oscar Niemeyer Museum.
Tourism in the city of Manaus
Manaus is located deep in the rainforest, making it the perfect tourist destination for adventurers looking to explore the Amazon and the rainforest. Manaus is best known for its location at the confluence of the Río Negro and Río Solim ويس es, for its large public buildings, and for being Brazil’s free trade zone. It attracts many tourists for shopping in its rich markets, natural attractions, colonial buildings and a host of other various activities.

Although tourism in a city, depends mainly on the natural attractions that characterize it. However, Manaus is a big city, and there are a few places to visit. You can also watch one of the most amazing natural phenomena of Manaus which is the phenomenon of the confluence of the waters of the Negro river with the Amazon river. And this is where the waters of the two rivers meet, despite their tens of kilometers from each other, without mixing.

The most important tourist attractions in Manaus
Januari Ecological Park.
The Museum of Northern Man.
Museum of India.
Amazon Theater.
Rio Negro Palace.
Incontro das Aguas.
Anavilhanas Islands.
Lisbon Mercado Adolfo market.
Tourism in Fortaleza
Fortaleza, located on the northeast coast of Brazil, is a bustling city with a large number of beaches to visit. As one of the largest tourist extensions in Brazil, it enjoys a lively and thrilling nightlife. Many tourists go there to celebrate and enjoy the beaches of the city and the surrounding area.

Known throughout the country, Fortaleza is home to the music of Floro and the influential composer José de Alcincar. While there aren’t many tourist attractions per se, the beauty of its beaches and fun atmosphere makes up for it.

The most important monuments of the tourist town of Fortaleza
Beach park.
Future Beach.
Iracema Beach.
Sea Dragon Art and Culture Center.
Coco State Park.
Ciara Museum.
Central Market Castle.
Mocorby Beach.
Sabiaguaba Beach.
Museum of Photography.
British bridge.
Tourism in Belém
The city of Belém is considered the best city to visit in the Amazon, as there are more tourists in Belém than in Manaus. Bailey has a beautiful colonial center, beautiful architecture and delicious food. The city of Belem is located on the edge of Guajara Bay, near the mouth of the Amazon. There you can take trips to other places along the coast, as well as head along the Amazon River itself, enjoying the most beautiful panoramic views.

It is a lush residential area with beautiful gardens, and is also family friendly, easily accessible from the city by train or tram. The expansive plan that surrounds the river also offers a wonderful seaside promenade, as well as some excellent cafes and restaurants along the way. In addition, it has a multitude of wonderful museums and a world cultural center.

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