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“Sorry Corona” Thailand overturns lockdown restrictions to stimulate tourism


Sorry, Corona, Thailand rolls back lockdown restrictions to boost tourism
Thailand has decided to reduce the quarantine period imposed on foreign visitors, from next April.

Thailand has postponed the release of a decision on the recognition of vaccination certificates aimed at facilitating the movement of travel around the world, given the high rates of infection with the emerging corona virus.

Thailand opens its doors … exceptional tourism for those coming from the Middle East
In a press release in the capital Bangkok, government spokeswoman Traisori Taysaranakul said a committee headed by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha agreed on Friday to reduce the quarantine period imposed on foreign visitors by two weeks. to ten days, from the beginning of April.

Thailand is closed to tourists at this time
The Bloomberg News Agency quoted Thai officials as saying the country could stop imposing a full quarantine in early October by postponing the release of a decision on reducing the seven-day isolation period for tourists. who have received vaccinations, based on the recommendation of an expert committee. Last week.

The reduction in the quarantine period is expected to help make Thailand more attractive to millions of foreign tourists and is a major step in the decision to reopen the country.

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