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The Public Gallery of Egyptian Human progress


The Public Gallery of Egyptian Development is situated close to the Babylon Stronghold and neglects Ain Al-Sira in the core of the noteworthy city of Fustat, in the old Cairo region of Cairo. The foundation was laid in 2002 to make this exhibition hall perhaps the most significant and biggest galleries of ancient pieces on the planet, and it is the primary historical center to be devoted to the entire of Egyptian progress. Where in excess of 50,000 relics will relate the stages in the advancement of human progress from the most antiquated occasions to the cutting edge time. The historical center’s finances will be in plain view in a huge perpetual presentation which manages the main accomplishments of Egyptian development, notwithstanding six different shows managing subjects: civilization, the Nile, composing, the state and society, culture, convictions and thoughts,

notwithstanding a display of illustrious mummies. The historical center will likewise incorporate spaces for impermanent displays, just as a show on the improvement of the advanced city of Cairo. The gallery will incorporate help, business and recreation structures, just as an examination place on the science and reclamation of antiquated materials. The exhibition hall will likewise have an assortment of occasions, for example, film screenings, talks, addresses and social exercises. Consequently, this exhibition hall, which focuses on a neighborhood and unfamiliar crowd, will be an incorporated establishment that will have a recognized job in the dispersal of archeological mindfulness and the meaning of the job of Egypt in establishing the frameworks of human development.

In 2017, as a component of the fractional opening of the historical center, a brief display lobby of 1000 square meters was opened, and it incorporates an impermanent show named “Egyptian Specialties and Ventures through the Ages”, which means to present the improvement of Egypt. makes (stoneware, weaving, carpentry and adornments). This presentation incorporates around 420 antiques chose from certain exhibition halls and numerous models, notwithstanding huge screens showing various narrative movies managing the historical backdrop of every calling and its advancement through the ages.


Ain El Sira – Fustat – Antiquated Egypt – Cairo

Visit dates:

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


+202 2532732

Passageway ticket costs:

■ Egyptian 10 g

■ Egyptian understudy 5 g

■ unfamiliar 60 g

■ unfamiliar understudy 30 g

■ Photo 50g

■ There is a carport for vehicles and transports

Gallery site: http://nmec.gov.eg/

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nmec.gov.eg/

Area on Google Guides: https://goo.gl/maps/2rs21Hee7a92

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