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The final touches before the launch of the golden procession of the mummies of the Kings of the Pharaohs in Al-Tajrir Square


Tahrir Square is preparing to have the mummies move occasion in a notable parade went to by the entire world on the evening of Saturday April 3, where the eyes of the world and the worldwide media go to watch the mummies move royals in a lofty parade from the site of their present show at the Egyptian Historical center in Tahrir to the Public Gallery of Egyptian Development in Fustat, where their lasting presentation is found.

Tahrir Square shows up in its absolute best chances, enlivened with lights on all sides, anticipating the beginning of the regal parade, to move 22 regal mummies and 17 illustrious caskets to be moved from the Egyptian Exhibition hall in Tahrir to the Public Historical center of Egyptian Progress in Fustat , in a great parade that leaves from Tahrir Square in Pharaonic-style vehicles through the banks of the Nile to the Gallery of Civilizations.

Last contacts before the beginning of the brilliant parade of the mummies of the rulers of the pharaohs

Egyptian PM Mostafa Madbouly examined the escort’s arranged course from Tahrir Square to the Historical center of Civic establishments.

Madbouly, as indicated by an administration explanation, joined by The travel industry and Ancient pieces Priest Khaled Anani, looked into the last plans, expressing that “Egypt is completely ready for a once in a blue moon occasion that won’t occur often all through the world. History” .

The Egyptian Inside Service reported the conclusion of various traffic courses for a wide range of vehicles and people from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., including Tahrir Square and the Nile Corniche in regions near the parade course.

In a connected setting, the Egyptian Service of Correspondences has given a progression of memorial postage stamps to recognize the event, utilizing the most recent worldwide innovation by applying QR Code innovation to Egyptian postage stamps interestingly.

The memorial stamps incorporate photographs of the relative multitude of lords and sovereigns whose mummies will be moved, and they will be multi-shaded and guaranteed against falsifying, as per the assertion from the Service of The travel industry and Relics.

It ought to be noticed that the parade of mummies will be driven by various Egyptian and Middle Easterner craftsmen, some of whom will wear Pharaonic apparel, while the memorial service music will be performed by Maestro Nader Abbasi. There will be chariots embellished with pharaonic plans bearing the name of every ruler.

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