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A lofty parade will ship the mummies of old Egypt through the roads of Cairo to their new area


Today, in the Bedouin Republic of Egypt, 22 regal pharaonic mummies will partake in a great parade called “The Imperial Mummies March”, a hotly anticipated occasion coordinated by the Egyptian Service of The travel industry and Ancient pieces.

It is accounted for that the festivals will incorporate pony drawn carriages and ensembles singing in antiquated dialects ​​and the support of countless celebrities and characters, however Egyptian specialists have stayed quiet about true subtleties of the occasion.

“The occasion will be an astonishment,” Ahmed Ghoneim, chief overseer of the Public Exhibition hall of Egyptian Human progress, the organization which will be the last resting spot of the imperial mummies, told CNN.

Nonetheless, it’s difficult to keep an occasion of this size an amazement, particularly when practices have as of late occurred in focal Cairo. Eager Egyptians took photographs of bespoke mummy vehicles brightened with antiquated gold plans and shared them via web-based media stages.

The occasion intends to move imperial mummies, including 18 rulers and four sovereigns, alongside their caskets and assets, from the site of their old display to the Egyptian Exhibition hall.

The mummies will be moved three miles south of their new innovative resting place at the Public Exhibition hall of Egyptian Progress.

Albeit the Public Exhibition hall of Egyptian Human advancement was somewhat opened in 2017, the “Regal Mummies March” occasion will stamp the initiation.

“It’s an official opening,” says Ghoneim, and it’s the final detail to the Imperial Mummies Lobby, which appears to be a special historical center insight.

Ghoneim brings up that the thought rotates around the manner in which the mummies are introduced and the manner in which the story is told, adding: “This is the air you get when you stroll into the gallery.”

Ghoneim affirms that guests entering the Lobby of Illustrious Mummies will encounter something like entering a burial chamber in the Valley of the Lords.

The 22 imperial mummies are from the New Realm, when underground burial chambers were worked with covered up doorways to avoid burial place hoodlums.

Get ready mummies

Dr Mostafa Ismail, top of the protection office at the Mummy Safeguarding Research facility and Extra space at the Public Exhibition hall of Egyptian Progress, driven a group of 48 individuals to set up the imperial mummies.

Ismail disclosed to CNN that the conservation interaction includes setting every mummy in a sans oxygen nitrogen case, “which can protect it without being harmed by the impacts of dampness, particularly microorganisms, organisms and bugs. . “

The case is encircled by an adaptable material which appropriates the pressing factor and diminishes vibrations during transport.

Also, when the mummies show up at the gallery, similar conditions will exist inside the presentation cases. Ismail adds, “Thusly, there will be no stun to the mummy when we remove it from the crate and spot it in these units.”

All belongings discovered close by, including her caskets, will go with every mummy.

The screens will likewise show CT examines that uncover what is covered up, and at times broken bones or sicknesses that have tormented the royals.

Ismail added: “The primary concern we need guests to think about these mummies is the manner by which they were embalmed and saved for quite a while.”

At the point when inquired as to whether his group found anything new about the mummies while planning for this stage, Ismail answered, “A great deal,” yet he didn’t uncover anything until the show. So there are more shocks to come. “

Another social place in Cairo

There is no uncertainty that the Illustrious Mummies Lobby will draw in guests to the Public Gallery of Egyptian Human progress, however its Chief, Ahmed Ghoneim, desires to put the exhibition hall uniquely in contrast to its adjoining organizations.

The principal transitory show will zero in on Egyptian materials and style, Ghoneim says.

Through the displays, the gallery will recount a more extravagant story of the accomplishments of Egyptian progress, however the exhibition hall will likewise be a social place.

The gallery will open to the public the day after the occasion, April 4, with the kickoff of the Imperial Mummies Corridor fourteen days after the fact on April 18. The Brilliant Excursion will be communicated live on the YouTube channel of the Egyptian Service of The travel industry and Ancient pieces.

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