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Egypt celebrates the parade of royal mummies tomorrow


Portvel with a parade of mummies, at the spot of their perpetual show at the Public Gallery of Egyptian Human advancement, in a lofty parade that the world will discuss.

Al-Masrawy goes through every one of the subtleties of the Illustrious Mummies Display, watching the accompanying arrangement:

When does the procession of illustrious mummies occur?

The parade will start at dusk next Saturday, April 3.

What is the course of the motorcade?

A parade of illustrious mummies from a site of the Egyptian Historical center in Tahrir Square, at that point turned with the level of the square, at that point continued to Simon Bolivar Square, at that point left along the Nile Corniche, toward the Egyptian human advancement of Fustat.

What does the parade incorporate?

The parade of imperial mummies incorporates 22 illustrious stone caskets dating from the hour of the “17, 18, 19, 20” traditions, 18 mummies for lords and 4 mummies for sovereigns.

Who are the most unmistakable lords in the parade?

Among the main mummies of the rulers remembered for the parade: Lord Ramses II, Lord Seqnen Ra, Ruler Thutmose III, Ruler Seti I, Sovereign Hatshepsut, Sovereign Legitimacy Amon, spouse of Ruler Amenhotep the first, and Sovereign Ahmose-Nefertari, wife of Ruler Ahmose.

What were the most striking highlights of the parade?

When the parade comes out, the ordnance gets 21 projectiles noticeable all around, and various female entertainers, wearing the pharaonic, lead the craftsman, Mona Zaki, Sawsan Badr, Hussein Fahmy, Asir Yassin, and d ‘ other. .

What are the specialized exhibitions going with the motorcade?

Military groups wearing Pharaonic dress, driven by Maestro Nader Abbasi, and the parade will move from Pharaonic Square Tahrir, each chariot enriched with the name of every one of the Pharaohs.

How might the mummies be gotten?

The vehicle plan direct arrangement for the mummies transport plan embraces an incorporated arrangement, another arrangement of criminal arrangement plan, the system powers, the activities men and squad cars of the mummies, and the Cairo General Traffic Organization will design the fundamental traffic to stay away from carrier clog to move mummies.

How long will a motorcade of mummies at the Gallery of Civilization last?

It requires 40 minutes to 45 minutes.

What amount of time will it require to destroy and reestablish the mummies after they show up at the Historical center of Human progress?

This meeting will be noticeable to the general population.

What impacts will you have before the crowd prior to wrapping the mummies?

Quite possibly the main relics in the Historical center of Civilizations and will be accessible to general society, is the second most established skeleton in Egypt and will be displayed inside the primary lobby of the gallery, and its age arrives at 35 thousand years.

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