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Customs and traditions of India


India is one of the most important countries that have enjoyed extensive civilization since ancient times, and is the seventh largest country in terms of area, and the most democratic and populous country, and enjoys of great cultural and religious diversity and the coexistence between all sects without the slightest problem, and the word India is originally derived from the word “Andus, and the origin of this word goes back to the Persian

language, and studies indicate that India has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and it began to develop itself little by little, so this civilization was a very remarkable civilization, and it was necessary to devote an article to talk about India and the most important customs and traditions of India
Indian Culture Culture is a sensitive subject that does not arise day and night and does not arise between sunset at night, rather it is a cumulative process that begins with the country from the first revivals that the country takes, and the first thing Indian culture started with when he made his way in making rules for his language, is what a man gave A Hindu by laying the groundwork for grammar, body shape and dictation so that it was easy to move around among people, and the matter did not end at this point, but rather developed to include poetry, performances and weights, and medicine was not to immune to these developments.

Teaching them the origins of this profession, and India in general has an intelligent and open people who have worked in writing books in various fields of science, philosophy, astronomy and wisdom, and the Indians wrote in several lines, but the most important of them was the line of its dam, which was put in Kashmir, and based on cultural and geographical diversity, it was necessary that there be a diversity of the most important customs and traditions of India, which should be known in this article
The most important customs and traditions of India When a person reaches this huge information about India, what it is, the life in it, how to harmonize and what are the pleasant habits of them, he reached a high degree of astonishment which made him a researcher. on the intricacies of Indian traditions, what is right and what is wrong, and customs which attract attention in a Large way, and below is a detail of the most important customs and traditions of India

Marriage of a young child with a young child: this right is one of the rights of the father over his daughter. He can see that he is marrying her when she is a little girl of one year old with a child of his age and her husband’s family has the right to take her home to live among them. Get married until the end of your life and remain servile all your life; Because it brought bad luck to the home of her husband’s family. Servants of Hindus: This is a custom that belongs exclusively to Hindus. This is because their religion does not allow them to eat except a Hindu, and this phenomenon abounds in public places and hotels. Because the dominant religion in India is Hinduism. Veneration for Cows: The cow, especially for all animals, occupies an important place in the Hindu religion. This is because they consider it close to the Divine Essence, so it is not allowed even to a non-Hindu person. This is because it would create a heated sectarian battle.

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