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Amazing facts and information about Taiwan, a country that is not recognized by China


Taiwan: An amazing, advanced country and it has a democratic system influenced by the West. Here are facts and information that you may not know about this amazing country located off the coast of China.

There are no outdoor litter boxes.
Garbage cans are usually kept inside the home or workplace, and the garbage is thrown into the garbage truck and when it arrives, a loud music sounds to indicate that it has arrived on the streets.
The country is a small island.
There are about 23 million people living in Taiwan and the country is a small, densely populated island.
And you can drive around the island in 8 hours.
The capital of Taiwan is Taipei, and its currency is the New Taiwan Dollar.
Although Taiwan is an independent country, China and many countries (including the United States) do not officially recognize it.
China considers it a breakaway province in China, and countries that want to maintain diplomatic relations with China have been forced to sever their official relations with Taiwan.

Taipei 101 Taiwan Icon.
Taipei 101 is a skyscraper, a landmark, and an icon of Taiwan, and between 2004 and 2010, it was the tallest skyscraper in the world.
The tower is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world, and it consists of 101 floors. Visitors are pleased to visit many commercial and entertainment centers, and it has various restaurants and cafes.
The phenomenon of blue tears.
It is one of the natural phenomena that appear on some Taiwanese beaches, and one of its tourist attractions, as in the middle of the water, blue glows appear wonderful.
Scientists attribute the appearance of blue tears in the ocean waters in Taiwan to some algae glowing in the water, while some attribute them to the causes of pollution.
Hunting with fire.
One of the popular legacies on the island of Taiwan, which has become universally resonated, is the method of hunting with fire, which relies on the friction of a fire stone.
This friction produces a gas that causes ignition by contact with water, causing glare that spreads on the surface of the water, causing the fish to eject from the water.
The customs and traditions of marriage of the Taiwanese people.
In an Amai community, a province of Taiwan, a young man is not ready for marriage unless he has spent a number of years in the gymnasium.

His physical capabilities are measured until he reaches the age of 22, and if he divorces his wife for any reason, he must return to the training halls.
One of the rituals of marriage in Taiwan is for the groom to present his bride with 12 gifts of clothes and jewelry, recite aloud a message asking for the bride’s engagement, and the bride responds by presenting 12 gifts in return to the groom, and their content does not matter, no matter how simple.
Taiwan is a wonderful tourist destination.
Taiwan has enormous tourism potential, and it has the highest mountain peak in Asia, the summit of Mount Yuhan, which is a popular destination for mountain climbers.
Surfing enthusiasts head to many of Taiwan’s beaches, and fans of tranquility and enjoyment of nature go to the Sun and Moon Lake in Nanyue City.
For lovers of exotic and delicious food, they must visit the night market, to enjoy eating on the street, and watch the chefs cook delicious foods in front of their eyes in the Taiwanese way.
Taiwanese people are friendly and love to visitors and always seek to help them.
Geoffen area.
Most of the visitors to any country love to visit the neighborhoods and popular areas in it, and learn about the origin of society and its way of life in nature.
They can visit the Jiufin area, where houses built in the old Taiwanese style, shops and old markets selling local products.

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