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Here are 25 facts and facts you might not know about Venezuela


Venezuela: In this article we will go over with you a lot of things about Venezuela, the customs and traditions of the people of Venezuela, where Venezuela is located, and other amazing facts.

Land of beauty queens:
Venezuela is known for its beautiful women, as it is one of the biggest countries to be crowned Miss Universe.
While Venezuelans have won the Miss Universe crown 7 times, the last title dates back to 2013, which Gabriela Eisler got.
The highest waterfalls in the world:
The southeastern Guyana Highlands town at the northern end of the Amazon River basin contains Angel Waterfall, which is the tallest waterfall in the world.

It has a total height of 979 meters, and together with these waterfalls the longest continuous waterfall with a height of 807 meters.
The world’s largest oil and gas reserves:
It should be noted that Venezuela has 10.5% of the world’s oil reserves.
In addition to having one of the largest reserves of oil, Venezuela also has one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world.
Customs and traditions of Venezuela:
Venezuela’s Christmas traditions revolve around Venezuelans attending church and then having a party with their families to celebrate the holiday.
Joropo is the country’s national dance, and it is performed during national holidays and festivals.

The Festival of the Red Devils takes place every year, where beautiful clothes depicting the Red Devils are dressed and a traditional battle takes place on Corpus Christi Day, which always ends with a victory over demons and signifies the victory of Christianity over the Devil.
Many Venezuelan homes have Christmas trees during the holiday season, and large Nativity scenes are held in front yards or in homes to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Venezuelan music is a mixture of Spanish and African music, full of percussion instruments and often accompanied by street dancing. Street dancers can be found very easily in cities.
In eastern Venezuela, the Warawa Indians live in thatched-roof huts along the river, and their people have lived that way for over 100 years.
Tourism in Venezuela:
Venezuela has many natural resources which have helped it to develop its popularity as a tourist destination in recent years, as its impressive coastline and numerous beaches have a special charm, helped by its tropical climate.
Language in Venezuela:
There are at least 40 languages ​​in Venezuela, but Spanish is the language spoken by the majority of Venezuelans.
The Simpsons TV show is not licensed to air in Venezuela.
Baseball is the most popular sport in the country, and many Venezuelan players have moved to the United States to participate in major American tournaments.
Venezuela is located in the north of South America. It is the 33rd largest in the world in terms of area, with a total area of ​​916,445 square kilometers.
Venezuela’s population is 28.9 million, while the country’s capital, Caracas, has 1.9 million. The official language of the country is Spanish.
Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover the Venezuelan coast.
It is estimated that Venezuela was first inhabited at least 15,000 years ago.
The country was first colonized in 1522 by Spain.
Most Venezuelans do not have water heaters and take cold showers every night, and bathtubs are not very common there.
Venezuela also has vibrant cities, most notably the capital Caracas, which is a very diverse city but known to be one of the most dangerous in the world.
The official currency of Venezuela is the Bolivar Fuerte.
Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in Venezuela, and it is also one of the oldest lakes in the world, dating back 20 to 40 million years.
Immigrants from Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Middle East and other parts of the world now live in this country.

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