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How to create a YouTube channel and enjoy it easily and know its cost


How to create a channel on YouTube and enjoy it with ease is the talk of our journey on the money maker site platform, because YouTube is one of the famous sites that millions of people access every day around the world to watch videos. , and this is why many want to learn how to make a YouTube channel and enjoy it easily, and this is what we are going to explain to you.

How to create a YouTube channel and enjoy it easily
In the beginning, you access the YouTube website, via a computer or mobile phone.
Comment any video on YouTube or download that video.
A page will appear in front of you in which it is written to create a new YouTube channel. This page will be entered and instructions will follow in written order.
You must already have a Google Account to link the YouTube channel to your Google Account.
What is YouTube
YouTube is one of the sites where you can watch videos or post your own videos by creating a YouTube page.

The first people who founded YouTube were three people: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Judd Karim, and that was in 2005. You can comment on any of the video clips on YouTube.

How to Build a Successful YouTube Business Channel
You can create a commercial YouTube channel by:

Connect to YouTube, either on the phone or on a computer.
Move between the channel list on YouTube.
Choose to create a new channel by clicking (Create New Channel) or you can use an appropriate brand from the list, because a new channel cannot be used on YouTube.
Fill in the details until the new channel is named and check the ownership of the account, then press (Done) until the new channel is opened.
The cost of creating a YouTube channel and how to generate profit
Many people ask about the cost of setting up a channel on YouTube, and we would like to point out that this question is quite inexpensive, so all you have to do is link the channel to create and your account, and how to profit from it. as following:

1- Announcements
You can earn money from ads on your YouTube videos.

YouTube acts as an intermediary between advertisers and the people who see this ad, and a sum of money is paid to display this ad.

2- Trademark treatment
Profits can be made by dealing with brands, and that is in the event that there are similarities between the brands, so a person should contact one of the companies that are promoted and their products.

How to create a YouTube channel from a mobile
The method to create a YouTube channel from mobile is as follows:

You must have a Gmail account, and in the event that this account is not available, a Gmail account will be opened initially containing your personal information.
The account must be linked to your phone number to open the account.
Log in to the YouTube clip and choose to create a new YouTube account.
Some of the data required by the account is correctly filled in, and from this information that the account requires from you, your phone and email number, as the profits will be sent to it.
Click Finish creating your account after you have completed all the required steps on your part, so that you have your own YouTube channel and can post the videos you want there.

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