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General data about Atlantic International University


Science has not yet found the specific instrument by which an individual learns. Notwithstanding, it is perceived that the demonstration of learning is inner (from the inside) and not outside. This reality is the basis for “separation instruction” when all is said in done and all degree programs offered by the college.

The distinction between AIU

The blend of the basics of an understudy’s ‘self-training’ (with tutoring), the cooperative advancement of every understudy’s extraordinary program, and adaptability of time and spot of study gives, what we accept, an ideal learning climate. It was made with the point of meeting the individual needs and giving the self-awareness of every understudy. Atlantic International University exists as an organization of experiential learning and non-conventional separation learning. There are no classes and no participation required.

AIU administration

Our primary objective at Atlantic International University is to invite experienced understudies by meeting their individual needs. Therefore, our investigation programs are adaptable and are intended to end rapidly.

Our projects urge understudies to show their abilities through free picking up, perusing and exploration in their field of study. AIU gives preparing openings in the United States for grown-ups the world over with the goal that they can develop themselves by utilizing their own capability to deal with their own and worldwide social turn of events. This is accomplished by surveying their bachelor’s, ace’s and/or doctoral degrees, and it likewise implies the capacity to act in a maintainable and results-arranged way. The establishing hub of such a way of thinking depends on self-refreshed information and data, without space for out of date quality, and is a necessary aspect of a separation learning framework dependent on andrology and generics. A definitive objective of this model is to engage students and assist them with utilizing the immense range of assets of the worldwide climate so as to dispose of the determination of destitution and current requirements. To this end, contingent upon the conditions, understudies can change their past into a continually self-impelled unit of development progressing, ceaselessly from customary and certify frameworks that improve cutoff points and potential outcomes. This will become unrefined truth with respect to the regard and exercise of human and network rights through trials, studies, commonsense work and/or tests, contingent upon the security of the free IAU understudy. All that happens in a climate that advances variety with more than 10 million full messages and almost 47 million bibliographic references in more than 400 dialects; While counsels and experts with doctorates and specializations in human improvement regulate the learning measures; notwithstanding a worldwide organization of researchers and relationship in different scholarly fields; So that together, they can accomplish the fulfillment and progress of humankind in harmony and concordance.

The motivation behind IAU

The objective of the International University of the Atlantic is as per the following:

To give the most excellent scholastic readiness while addressing the requirements of grown-up students by building up results-arranged scholarly learning programs and conveying programs in a quickened time span

Energize opportunity of request and the free trade of thoughts between students, workforce, directors and staff of ATI

Join hypothesis with training that gets ready experts for administration obligations;

Offer the vital help for students to prevail in the educational program and defeat holes in fruition

To keep up our astounding scholarly notoriety

Hold fast to the major right to instruction articulated in the Declaration of Human Rights, giving a moderate option in contrast to the accomplishment of instructive objectives for a wide scope of individuals around the globe from various financial foundations

To ingrain a feeling of certainty and strengthening in our understudies in their capacity to get to the huge open doors accessible through news channels, the World Wide Web, private and public associations, non-benefit and non-administrative associations in an ever-growing network.

Enable students and assist them with taking advantage of the immense range of assets in the worldwide climate to annihilate the current chain of destitution and stress

Escalate the utilization of data innovation to remain at the cutting edge of colleges in

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