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The cost of tourism in Bangladesh


If you are looking for a special place that enjoys the charming nature and picturesque views, do not let the opportunity delegate you and book your place for the first sightseeing trip to the city of Bangladesh, because the country of Bangladesh has many tourist places. and green. regions, besides containing more than 700 rivers, so if you want to have a pleasant and distinct vacation, you must first know the cost of tourism in Bangladesh.
The cost of tourism in Bangladesh
Although tourism in Bangladesh is not as popular as other countries outside of Bangladesh, it benefits from many scenic places and places as well as some of the most important features including:

Presence of green tea plantations in Sri Mangal.
The cost of visiting Bangladeshi cities is not expensive, as can be seen in other countries on the Asian continent.
The city of Dhaka, rich in amazing rivers, thrives in tourist spots.
Enjoy Dubai on a trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Flights to Bangladesh offer free infant seats and healthy meals.
A car reservation service, to take you wherever you want after your arrival in Bangladesh.
Tourism in Bangladesh
There are several tourist places in Bangladesh, the most important of which are:

Dhaka Zoo:
Dhaka Park is known as Mirpur Zoo and contains a variety of rare animals and birds such as Bengal tigers.

Curzon room:
It is a historic tourist attraction and stands out for its distinctive architectural design. It is now the College of Science in Dhaka City.

The botanical garden:
Built on 205 acres, it has a variety of rare and brightly colored plants.

the National Museum:
Located in central Bangladesh, this museum houses a variety of sculptures and paintings that illustrate the history of Bangladesh and in particular Islamic history.

Science Museum:
There is the Science Museum in Arjun city, and it contains the latest scientific findings of recent scientific findings.

Best Cities in Bangladesh
The cities of Bangladesh are characterized by charming and picturesque nature, especially since they still contain the secrets of nature that technological progress could not change, and among the best cities in Bangladesh are:

City of Dhaka:
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and is its largest city, as it is located on the Burhi River, besides that, it is in the middle of the city of Bangladesh and is considered to be the cultural and economic center of it, and it has a variety of tourist attractions.

City of Khulna:
It is considered to be the third largest city in Bangladesh by area, it is interested in sea and air transport, as it overlooks the Rosha and Bhirap rivers, and there are many old ships within 83 km, and the most important of these ships are the Lupita, Ausrich and Tern.

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