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Killer Wink


The great artist, Rishi Kapoor, praised the talent of the most famous Indian girl on social media for her enchanting wink, as described by some, and he predicted her fame through his account on the network site social “Twitter”.

Rishi shared a photo of herself and commented on it, saying, “I expect huge fame from this girl, because she has the power of expression that she understands with just one look, and her innocence is overwhelming to her features, and she will be an example to stars of her generation.

It is noteworthy that a music video of an Indian girl has recently spread and has been dubbed “the mother of a fatal wink” by the pioneers of social networking sites, and many are are asked whether this girl has a charming and attractive face. expressions.

This 18-year-old girl named Priya Prakash Farrier lives in an area called Punkunnam in southern India, specifically in the state of Kerala.

Her appearance was not the first in this job, as she actually works as an actress and model in the films of Malayalam Cinema, which is located in South India, and follows the state of Kerala, and highlights parallel the “Bollywood” cinema, with different dialects, because the language of South India is characterized by difficulties.

Priya gained great fame, and her star shone in the art sky, thanks to the release of the short video of a song for her first film, a South Indian film titled “Oru Adaar Love “, which has reached more than 10 views on his account on the social networking site” Facebook “. Millions of views.

The number of his followers on the famous photo and video exchange site “Instagram” reached more than 3 million followers in just one week after the broadcast of the video, after the number of his followers of nearly 200 000 followers.

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